9 tips for choosing wooden eurowindows

Along with with plastic windows wooden eurowindows are very popular. In addition to a more noble appearance, such windows are distinguished by better air exchange, a warm, pleasant surface, they attract dust less, and they have no equal in terms of environmental friendliness and naturalness. To set the window brought only joy and fully consistent with the operating conditions, you need to be responsible for the choice of a wooden window, its main characteristics and the name of the manufacturer.

No. 1. Frame Material

The frame of wooden eurowindows is not made of solid wood, but their three-layer glued beam. Such a design provides the window with the greatest durability and resistance to negative environmental factors. You can hardly find a frame made of solid wood, but if someone suddenly offers something like this, then you should not choose this option.

One of the most important frame parameters is wood species, which largely depends on the properties of the window. The most commonly used breeds are:

  • Pine. Coniferous wood is cheaper, but its record durability is no different. Pine due to the presence of resin passages will exude a fresh forest aroma, which has a positive effect on the microclimate of the room. According to the degree of resinousness, there are two types of pine: tar and dutitsa. The first option is resistant to moisture, therefore it is recommended for use in areas with high humidity. Softwoods are also characterized by increased softness: on the one hand, this is a minus, as dents can remain, but, on the other hand, softness makes it possible to produce frames of any configuration from pine;wooden eurowindows
  • oak - the hardest and strongest breed, which will provide maximum durability of the structure. The disadvantages include a lot of weight, so the thickness of such a profile should be minimally acceptable. Oak wood is worse than conifers and retains heat. The process of preparing the material involves drying the wood, this is a technologically complex process and the correctness of its execution affects the durability and many other performance indicators. Since it is impossible to understand how correctly the drying was done during the purchase, it is better to trust your choice only to trusted manufacturers;
  • larch became the most popular choice today, because it combines the advantages of the two previous options. This is a light wood with high strength and low price. An additional advantage of larch is that if there are irregularities in the processing of wood, cracks and deformations immediately appear that are visible to the naked eye, so choosing a quality larch is much easier than a quality oak.wooden eurowindows 3

No. 2. Profile Features

You can call a wooden frame a profile with a big stretch, so this word is used in quotation marks. In this case, a profile means a whole set of parameters, including wood species, timber thickness and the use of additional linings.

In the manufacture of wooden windows, a three-layer glued beam is used, which allows you to get rid of deformations under the influence of negative environmental factors, as well as provide increased strength and durability. For domestic conditions it is better to choose timber with a thickness of at least 78 mm.

wooden eurowindows 2

In the production process, wood goes through three stages of drying, after which culling occurs. For the manufacture of a window frame, it is unacceptable to use a tree with knots, cracks, resin pockets and a core part. The processed and selected board splices along the length, and then along the thickness. For bonding use water repellent glue, and the boards are placed so that the fibers were in different directions. Thanks to this technology, wood gets additional durability, does not deform in conditions of high humidity and temperature changes. Compared with a solid frame, the strength of glued beams is increased by 80%, and the stiffness is increased by 40%.

Many performance features depend on wood drying quality. In most cases, it is not possible to check this parameter during the purchase, therefore the name of the manufacturer and the availability of the certificate are so important. When choosing, you can evaluate another tree quality parameter - this surface features. It should be smooth, without roughness, uneven joints, and the paint should be applied evenly.wooden eurowindows 4

It is important that in the manufacture of structures used environmentally friendly and breathable primers and paints. Some manufacturers suggest using aluminum lining, which protect the tree from exposure to sunlight, protect from negative atmospheric influences and prevent the wood from absorbing smog. Such linings will be useful in cases where constant high humidity is observed in the region, temperature drops and frequent precipitation, or smog and smoke are increased in the air, which is typical for large cities.

No. 3. Glass unit parameters

Because double-glazed window occupies the largest window area, then its characteristics need to be given maximum attention. The most popular today are single and double chamber double-glazed windows. Under the camera understand the space between the glasses, which means that in a single-chamber double-glazed window two glasses are used, in a two-chamber double-glazed window, three, etc. The more cameras, the better heat- and soundproof properties gets the window. The width of the glass packet directly affects the ability to delay noise and cold.wooden eurowindows 5

The thickness of the glass is usually 4 mm, the chamber is filled with air, inert gas or vacuum, the glass is connected by an aluminum frame. In two-chamber double-glazed windows middle glass may have a thickness of 6 mm, due to which an increased level of thermal insulation is provided. The distance between the glasses in a two-chamber double-glazed window can be the same, or maybe different. In the latter case, it is possible to achieve an increased level of sound insulation. Some manufacturers, along with a double-glazed window, install ordinary glass, improving heat and sound insulation. For the same purpose, double frames are used.

For warm, quiet areas single chamber double-glazed windows, for cooler and noisy - bicameral. For the coldest regions or for apartments near busy roads, you can use three-chamber structures, but with an increase in the number of cameras, the weight and thickness of the window increases.wooden eurowindows 6

Number 4. Type of glass in a double-glazed window

To meet ever-increasing demands, manufacturers are constantly offering ever new types of glass. Today, in addition to the most common float glasses, the following can be used:

  • selective glassesthat help maintain an optimal indoor climate under different environmental conditions. A special spray transmits light rays, but prevents the exit of thermal radiation from the apartment, so that the heat will not leave the room in winter.In summer, heat from the street, on the contrary, will not be able to penetrate everything due to the same spraying, so it will be possible to keep the cool. At the moment, there are two types of selective glasses: iglass have greater transparency and efficiency, but be afraid of negative atmospheric effects, and kglass they are easily tolerated, but their effectiveness is lower;
  • triplex glass boast increased strength and safety. They are made by combining several glasses and a thin laminating film. An additional advantage of such glass is high noise insulation qualities;
  • sun glasses The name gives out the features of the destination. They are used in cases where the windows face the south side, and an excessive amount of sunlight enters the room. Such glasses are made by mass painting or special coatings. Coatings are designed to reflect or absorb the sun's rays, preventing the penetration of rays through the glass. As a coating, a thin metal layer or a layer of metal oxides that can absorb part of the radiation is applied to the glass. Glass stained in bulk also retains sufficient solar heat and light;wooden eurowindows 8
  • tempered glass gain increased strength and resistance to temperature changes due to special heat or chemical treatment. With strong impacts, such glass shatters into small, non-sharp fragments;
  • reinforced glass obtained by using a metal mesh, they are durable and fireproof, but are rarely used in wooden windows.

No. 5. Seals for wooden euro-windows

To make the window as tight as possible and reliably protect from drafts and other negative environmental influences, some of its most critical places need to be sealed. Conscientious manufacturers use a sealant in the following places:

  • wooden eurowindows 9the zone of adjacency of the double-glazed window to the "profile", it is often called the glazing bead zone;
  • glass junction area;
  • vestibule area, i.e. along the perimeter of the opening sash.

For all these zones, a sealant of different widths and cross-sectional shapes can be used, but this is not as important as the material the sealant is made of.

Usually, the sealant for wooden eurowindows is made of the following materials:

  • rubber. The cheapest material, its useful life and some performance are significantly dependent on additives. The best option is a vulcanized rubber sealant and carbon black filler. Nevertheless, all rubber seals have one significant drawback - at low temperatures, elasticity is lost, and eventually the material is completely deformed;wooden eurowindows 10
  • EPDM sealant It boasts excellent value for money. The material tolerates temperature extremes and other weather vagaries, does not lose shape over time, is resistant to compression, can be used for about 20 years;
  • silicone sealant It has a record of durability, resistance to sunlight, humidity, chemicals, it does not lose its properties over time, but it is very expensive, so it is used extremely rarely;wooden eurowindows 11
  • PVC seals made from a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and plasticized nitrile rubbers. The material is cheap, and this is where its advantages end. Among the disadvantages are poor elasticity, rapid wear, intolerance to low temperatures. Due to these drawbacks, the material is practically not used now, but, nevertheless, not the most conscientious manufacturers continue to use such a sealant.

Some manufacturers and sellers talk about using in their windows. rubber silicone sealant, which supposedly has the advantages of both materials. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt, and most often this name hides thermoplastic rubber.

No. 6. Airing wooden eurowindows

Manufacturers often write down their ability to breathe in the main advantages of wooden eurowindows. Of course, natural wood passes air well, but in the manufacture of windows it is treated with a mass of protective agents, varnishes and primers, and these materials significantly reduce its ability to pass air. On average, such a design allows 3 liters of air per hour, while only one person needs 60 liters per hour. That is why it is required additional ventilation of windowswhich in wooden euro-windows implemented by one of the following methods:

  • micro-slot ventilation provides insignificant opening of the window sash, due to which normal air exchange is carried out, but at the same time heat and sound insulation is maintained at a sufficient level;wooden eurowindows 12
  • comb Allows you to open the window to the desired level. This is the simplest and cheapest design, which allows you to leave both the smallest gap, and pretty decent;
  • window leaf, well known to us from the old windows, can provide an excellent level of ventilation in wooden euro-windows. When it opens, fresh air rushes up, providing a soft and effective ventilation. The only negative is the reduction of the transparent part of the window.wooden eurowindows 13

Valves ventilation in wooden euro-windows they are usually not used, but to ensure more efficient ventilation you can use vent valvebuilt into the wall. Its arrangement is more costly and time-consuming, but the result is worth it.

Number 7. Hardware

No matter how high-quality a glass unit and a wooden frame are, when using poor fittings, the design will not be durable. Since the weight of the double-glazed window is quite high, and some wood species are especially heavy, the choice of fittings requires special attention.

Window handle can be made of metal, plastic or wood, and its functions are often not limited to just opening, closing and folding the window. The handle can be complemented the castle, which prevents the window from opening, but allows it to be folded back - a necessity when there are small children at home who can open the window, the consequences of which can be catastrophic. Removable handles handle the same task. Anti-burglary handles equipped with a special locking mechanism protect from outsiders from outside.wooden eurowindows 14

As for loops, then they can be standard waybills: they are clearly visible, but with a suitable design they become a window decoration. The screw hinges are attached to the sash and frame thanks to several pins, providing a secure fit. Mortise hinges are invisible, they allow you to widely open the window and today are used more and more often.

If necessary, you can use locks. They are protect against unauthorized entry or become an additional safety feature that prevents children from opening the window freely.

Does not apply to hardware mosquito net, windowsill and low tide, but these are also important structural elements. mosquito net protects from insect attacks in the summer, and in autumn and winter will become a reliable barrier to poplar fluff, leaves, branches and other garbage. Many users do not install the tide, considering it not so necessary, but with it you can keep the window waterproofing as long as possible.

Number 8. Design features

A wooden window in any case has a chic expensive appearance, but In addition to the standard version, today you can also find numerous interesting solutions:

  • staining and varnishing. Using varnish, you can preserve the natural color and texture of wood, if necessary. If you want to give the tree some special shade, then you can use translucent and opaque paints, which, while maintaining the texture, achieve the desired color and fit the window into the interior;
  • brushing and patination allow you to get an aged surface of the frame, which will be most welcome in the interior in the style of Provence, for example;wooden eurowindows 17
  • casement thread will give the window a completely exclusive appearance. You can cut as floral ornaments, as well as some symbols, words, etc .;
  • decorative layout allows you to divide the window into several parts with thin partitions. Due to this, an interesting decorative effect is created and the whole structure is strengthened;wooden eurowindows 15
  • stained glass.wooden eurowindows 16

In addition, some manufacturers offer manufacturers custom shape windows: round, arched, polygonal, with wavy partitions. The scope for imagination is enormous.

No. 9. The best manufacturers of wooden eurowindows

The name of the manufacturer plays a crucial role in the selection of wooden windows. Proven and established companies will not spoil their reputation with low-grade products.


TiiviThe company operates in the market. Of Finland Since 1977, specializes in the production of wood and woodaluminum windows. Today, the manufacturer is considered not only the largest in its country, but also one of the most popular in Europe. The company's windows adorn numerous homes, hotels and manufacturing enterprises around the world, in completely different climatic conditions. Employees of the company are constantly improving their products and testing finished windows for the level of heat and sound insulation, and the products always show good results. In the assortment of the company there are several model ranges in which products of different price ranges are presented. Thanks to the developed system of representative offices, Tiivi windows can be easily purchased in Russia.


LamminIt's better Finnish wooden eurowindows is difficult to find, so another company from Finland, Lammin IKKUNAT, was included in the list of top manufacturers. For the production of windows, coniferous wood is used, from the outside it is impregnated with antiseptic under pressure. The customer can choose absolutely every element of the window, creating an ideal design for himself. The manufacturer suggests the use of 2-, 3- and 4-chamber double-glazed windows, it is possible to install selective glasses, paint the frame, etc.


GaulhoferGaulhofer - Austrian company, which was founded in 1919 as a small workshop on wood furniture production. Today it is a large international company, whose production is located around the world. Gaulhofer windows are a guarantee of quality and durability; therefore, they are in high demand in the European and domestic markets. The company has many patents, including in the field of energy efficiency of windows. Wooden windows here are made from larch and spruce, giving customers the opportunity to create a window according to individual requirements and equip it with the necessary accessories: jalousie, Mosquito nets, shutterswhich are also produced by the company.


FenestraWindows of this Finnish manufacturer annually installed in hundreds of thousands of homes around the world. When developing new models, the company pays special attention not only to appearance, but also to heat-insulating characteristics. Pine wood is used for the production of frames; double-glazed windows are ordered from the British company Pilkington and the French Sain-Gobain. The company guarantees that their windows will serve faithfully for at least 70 years.

SSC Joinex

SSC JoinexSwedish company SSC Joinex has been present in the carpentry market for more than 70 years, and during this time rich experience in wood processing has been accumulated. Today the company specializes in the production of luxury window designs. Excellent technological equipment, the use of innovations and a large number of different offers allow the company to confidently stay among the leaders in this field for the past year.The company offers both standard and special windows, and well-thought-out design solutions along with the use of high-quality materials ensure high demand for products. Oak and pine wood are used, glazing can be standard, shockproof, mirrortinted. Used high-quality fittings and double-glazed windows.


ProfinAnother one Finnish company, which has established itself as a reliable and thoughtful product in all aspects. Wooden windows have been produced here for more than 35 years, and today the company offers a lot of interesting solutions. There is, for example, a series of windows designed specifically for the harsh northern climate. All manufacturer windows are equipped with a convenient multi-function handle, with which you can not only open and tilt the window, but also open it inside, which provides additional convenience, especially when washing.


Stollerit domestic company with European quality standards. The history of the company “Coastal” began in 2000, when it supplied wood to European petrochemical companies. Later, carpentry was mastered and in 2002 the production of wooden windows began. A little later, the production was equipped with European production lines, which allowed to bring the products to a fundamentally new level. In 2012, the company merged with the Austrian company Estfeller, as a result of which an updated enterprise appeared Stollergroupproducing products under the brand name STOLLER. This allowed the manufacturer to enter the European market and become a leader in the domestic.


Large domestic companyWith offices throughout the country. Here the range of products is constantly expanding, new solutions are used, and the main area of ​​production is the elite-class windows. For two decades, the company's windows have become an adornment of many houses and even managed to "take part" in the television program "Housing issue."


The domestic company Zenit has been operating in the market since 2001, it is considered one of the old-timers in our market. The production uses modern Italian and German equipment. The window profile is made of oak, larch and pine. The production of wood-aluminum windows. High quality products are guaranteed by quality fittings, paints and glass. The fact that recently the company's products are exported to Germany can be considered evidence of a professional approach to production. With all this, the manufacturer manages to keep prices low enough. On the manufacturer’s website, you can find numerous examples of work, calculate the cost of the window and learn about all the nuances of production.

In conclusion

Wooden eurowindows are an excellent choice for almost any room, as they combine wide functionality, practicality, chic appearance, environmental friendliness and durability. In order to enjoy beautiful wooden windows for many years, it is worth paying a little more attention to the issue of their choice.


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