TOP 10 best manufacturers of Chinese bathtubs

Every year, it’s Chinese bathtubs that become more and more popular. In the modern market for the production of sanitary ware, China is the leader. Base production chinese products carried out in Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai. Trademarks from China are widespread and are developing at a very rapid pace. In fact, supplies of such plumbing are organized around the world., quickly conquering the trading floor, while products of well-known European brands remain far behind. Buyers from all countries are primarily attracted by the relevant worthy quality, technical equipment. A stylish design easily transfers such goods to the category of products of a more expensive price level. In most cases, these products are made of modern high-quality acrylic, which allows designers to realize their ideas in the design of a plumbing fixture.

Many of our compatriots entrenched erroneous myth of poor, unworthy quality Chinese goods. These beliefs were formed long ago, in the nineties, at a time when Chinese very cheap consumer goods of the lowest quality were sold on the Russian market. But Now in China organized the production of reputable companies, including the manufacture of plumbing with strict control of all products. The priority is, first of all, the functionality of the device, and for the fame of any European brand you will have to pay well. The quality of the products does not differ at all, but the cost of Chinese plumbing is several times lower, and this factor will be decisive for most potential buyers. It is also worthwhile to understand that the durability of any bathtub depends on a particular plumbing company.

Want to purchase a quality bath made in China? Read our article in which we have compiled a review of the leading (in our opinion) manufacturers of bathtubs from China, which are in great demand and that you can trust. These manufacturers are distinguished by a large assortment of forms, model modifications, the presence of additional functions, the best price-quality ratio, as well as modern and durable manufacturing materials (acrylic).


This Chinese company has been known in the Russian market for several decades and has long gained authority among high-level brands and has been loved by many people. The company's production is constantly expanding, today it is about 180,000 square meters. m. of the industrial territory of China. At the same time, products are being improved, and many new products are constantly being offered to customers. The use of environmentally friendly raw materials, updating the lineup allow the company to take the leading position in the trading arena. In the assortment of this manufacturer there are hydroboxes of various configurations and levels of difficulty showers, acrylic bathtubs with hydromassage, shower panels, and also available furniture designed for the bathroom and other products. The acrylic hot tubs of this company are no different in quality from the famous brands. For example, the thought-out design of hydromassage baths having a certain number of nozzles is specially made taking into account all physiological features. Its streamlined shape gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy water procedures.This quality plumbing has gained recognition in approximately 30 countries. All products are certified and meet not only European standards, but also the international quality system.


Actively developing plumbing brand, which began its activity a decade ago, produces various bathtubs and shower cabins several Chinese factories at once. This can explain the great variety and fairly affordable prices for all products. The company is constantly expanding and engaged in the search for innovative products. A close-knit professional team creates products of the highest level that meet all quality parameters, safety standards and, thereby, this allows the company to occupy a leading position among well-known Chinese manufacturers of sanitary ware.

Acrylic bathtubs and showers are fully adapted for use in Russia. Their depth is increased, there is a special siphon for draining, the products are compatible with domestic electric networks, water supply system, sewers. A wide range is characterized by a stylish design, high-quality materials and structural elements, an acrylic strong coating, durability and a unique design solution. Products can also have additional functionality: LCD TV and DVD player, remote speakers, radio, USB port, options can be controlled using the remote control.


The factory began its existence in 1996. The main specialization of the company is research, development and direct production of a wide range of products intended for the bathroom. The factory’s product list includes hydromassage bathtubs, showers, with or without steam, equipment and furniture for the bathroom, shower panels, faucets, sanitary ware. Geographically, the factory is located in Foshan, in the center for the production of ceramics and various building materials. The plant covers an area of ​​about 300,000 square meters. m. and is equipped with the latest modern equipment, which allows you to create products at a high level that meets all international standards.

One of the main factors that affects the quality of products is the professional team of employees with many years of experience. Since its founding, the company has received many prestigious awards and today it may well become one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of sanitary products in the world, and strives to offer its customers living in almost all countries of the world the best bathroom solutions. Plumbing EAGO is popular in the USA, Canada, in many countries of Europe. The manufacturer is focused on a high quality level of goods and services, and is now able to easily maintain the achieved position at the right level.


The trademark began its existence back in 1990 in the province of Foshan and today is one of the leading manufacturers of Chinese hot tubs. For a relatively short period of existence, the company managed to receive prestigious awards. Initially, the acrylic bathtubs from the Gemy brand were positioned by the Chinese manufacturer as products for wealthy people. The company’s work is based on a business concept that combines technological innovation, development and brand strategy, which is based on quality, as well as continuous improvement of technology.

The company specializes in producing exclusively certified products created from high-quality acrylic. The use of such sanitary reinforced acrylic allows you to produce products of any complex shape with numerous protrusions. In the frame of hot tubs, an aluminum profile is usually used.Advantages of bathtubs of the Gemy trademark: quality control (European standard), reliable packaging for transportation, high-quality performance of all individual elements of the bathtub. Gemy factory products are successfully exported to the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, most of Europe (about 50 countries in total).


The Goldman brand has been on the market for over 20 years. Production is located in Hong Kong. A distinctive feature of all products (cast iron and acrylic bathtubs with hydromassage, palletsshowers washbasins, toilets, bath accessories) is a thoughtful design, the use of high quality and environmental materials, trouble-free, strength, compliance with all quality standards. Confident stable position of the Goldman brand in the plumbing market is ensured by professional design and in-house development, high-tech production using modern Italian equipment, quality control, followed by mandatory testing of all products before their implementation.

The wide range includes comfortable, practical and spacious products (120-180 cm in size), created in accordance with the anatomical structure of the human body. Due attention is also paid to operational safety, for example, for bathtubs and showers, a special anti-slip coating is used. A reasonable ratio of cost and quality allows each customer to choose an item at an affordable price and at the same time count on a long service life.


A popular brand of a Chinese company, which appeared in 1991 and has been successfully operating to this day. The brand name Golf appeared not by chance. The engineers of the company tried to bring to their products an atmosphere of peace and order, as when playing golf, paying particular attention to quality. In the manufacture of plumbing, high-quality materials, proprietary designs, development and technology of the manufacturer are used. The factory occupies about 100,000 hectares and is located in the ecologically clean territory of China.

Brand products are computerized baths, hot tubs and regular baths, shower cabins various configurations, showers and panels, saunas, shower trays. Bathtubs of this Chinese manufacturer are distinguished by a memorable beautiful design, a solid set of elements, reliability, ease of operation and impressive multifunctionality. Attractive cost makes all Golf plumbing products popular among the public. One of the latest innovations of the company is the creation of a fundamentally new innovative model that combines a shower cabin with an infrared sauna. Such engineering is very popular both in China and around the world.

Mega ocean

Manufacturer baths can also be found under the Midocean brand. The company is professionally engaged in the creation of computerized steam baths, various hot tubs, shower panels and showers, medium and large swimming pools. The functional equipment of the bath is impressive: in addition to the hydromassage unit, there is air massage, chromotherapy, special underwater lighting, a water heating system, and equipment with multimedia devices (radio, TV, DVD). Using the touch panel, it is easy to activate the hydromassage option. There are products that are equipped with a voice control module.

The company has its own research and production headquarters, covering an area of ​​about 40,000 square meters. m. Professional creative staff of the company works, first of all, on the quality of goods and reputation. Today, a manufacturer from China offers customers 53 bath models, which are available in 5 series.In the ranking of the choice of reputable international hotels, expensive luxury villas, as well as residential buildings, there are products of this particular brand. You can also purchase additional accessories that will increase operating comfort: armrests, head restraints, heated towel rails, various shelves for bath accessories.


The Potter brand in the plumbing market has been known since 1992 and is currently owned by a reputable Chinese company. The production of goods is carried out at a factory located in the industrial zone of Guangdong. The trademark specializes in creating modern plumbing products with a computerized base and wide functionality. The main products: showers, hot tubs, saunas, infrared showers, spas, shower panels. For the production of this Chinese plumbing, patented technology, exclusive design solutions that are developed by a team of engineers and experts are used.

Potter plumbing products are manufactured to all European and quality standards. The brand is well known and in demand in about 30 countries around the world. A distinctive feature of the bathtubs and all sanitary products of the company is the introduction of a special computerized basis, with which the products become not only modern, but also functionally comfortable. With regard to technologies and materials, considerable funds are invested in research on their development, and this allows the manufacturer to keep up with the required level and even sometimes act as innovators of progress.


This young company, which appeared in 2001, has quite good prospects. Like most Chinese manufacturers that have broken into the European market, this company offers decent products at an affordable cost. The main focus of the brand is the creation of environmentally friendly, comfortable, reliable and safe products. Initially, the production was aimed at creating budget shower cabins and economy class bathtubs. High-quality, versatile products of the company fully satisfy all consumer needs. Gradually, the production line is expanding, goods are successfully exported to the international arena and this allows the company not only to strengthen its position, but also to rise steadily.

To date, the brand produces products that correspond to the premium class. A wide range of products includes acrylic bathtubs, shower boxes, corners with various pallets made of acrylic and steel (high, low) or without pallets at all, hydromassage showers, doors, curtains, shower enclosures, shower programs. The manufacturer’s products are certified and meet all international standards in quality. Functional products are offered to customers with a concise, universal design, as well as extravagant models for connoisseurs of bright, unusual objects.


Another worthy Chinese company established in China in 1999 and specializing in the design and manufacture of equipment for the bathtub, SPA, traditional acrylic bathtubs and bathtubs with a hydromassage function (jacuzzi), boxes, showers, saunas, as well as numerous accessories. The main difference of this brand is the elite level of quality, sophisticated modern design, high-tech, durability. In addition, the Wisemaker brand has its own patented technology for the production of unique raw materials - pearl acrylic.

If we consider the design, then in the range there are original solutions that allow you to install the bath almost in every interior. Luxurious bathtubs on pretentious legs are also presented, which will look solid even in a professional designer design. An extensive collection of bath sizes gives you the opportunity to choose what is right for you, taking into account the parameters of the bathroom.The company is developing rapidly and this allows Wisemaker brand products to be distributed to stores in almost all countries of the world. You can buy a bathtub made in China at a fairly reasonable cost in various online stores in Russia.

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